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Much Like Metis, the Titan Goddess of Wisdom & Knowledge, We Will Help You Along Your Health Journey by Providing You with Affordable, Effective Acupuncture and Massage Therapy


Metis Clinics is a Wellness Clinic.

Designed for healing, relaxation and health.  We are here to help you and your family achieve greater wellness and wellbeing.  Our expert practioners are experienced in working with infants, children, adults and seniors.

Much like Metis, the Titan goddess of good counsel, advice, and wisdom, our well trained practitioners offer their knowledge to you as they help you and your family become pain free, achieve well-being, and live a healthier life.

Our founder and Acupuncturist, Anita Tadavarthy, MAcOM, LAc, helps many patients recover from back pain, low back pain with or without sciatica, pain related to herniated / bulging discs, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, pain related to carpal tunnel, knee pain, foot pain, joint pain, arthritis, and/or many other acute and chronic pain conditions.

She also provides relief for not only many, many pain conditions but also greatly assists with allergies, sinusitis, rhinitis, headaches and migraines, weight loss, depression, erectile dysfunction,stress, anxiety, fatigue, etc.

Acupuncture is an extensive system of natural medicine which has been used to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease for more than 2,000 years. It is part of the Chinese Medicine Family.  Metis Acupuncture Clinics offer Chinese Medicine, specifically acupuncture, massage, and Chinese herbal medicine, to promote wellness and relieve a number of healthcare symptoms.

We are responsible citizens. We provide effective, affordable acupuncture.

Meet Our Staff

Expert Staff in Alternative Care

  • Anita Tadavarthy

    Anita Tadavarthy Founder & Owner

    Metis Acupuncture Clinics’ founder and owner is Anita Tadavarthy, MAcOM, LAc. Anita is of East Indian descent. Anita was born in the US but was raised between two countries, India and the US. Anita has traveled the US learning distal acupuncture from notable acupuncture master, Dr. Richard Tan, OMD. Anita has practiced acupuncture nationally as well as internationally in India.

  • Michelle Stobbe

    Michelle Stobbe Lead Acupuncturist

    By healing one aspect of the body, you can heal another. Her specialties include: Pain Management, Stress, Insomnia, Allergies, and Fertility. In addition to acupuncture, Michelle enjoys using other modalities such as: Tuina Massage, Pediatric Massage, Reflexology, Gua Sha, Cupping, Scalp & Ear acupuncture, and Electrical Stimulation. When she is not working, Michelle enjoys spending time with her sons, going for long bike rides with her husband, and traveling.

  • Julie Beck

    Julie Beck Massage

    Julie encourages open communication to improve your massage experience, utilizing these different and wonderful options for a massage treatment that matches both your needs and expectations.

More Expert Staff

What our Patients are Saying...

  • I've been going to Metis Clinics since it opened. I have found Anita to be a caring, gentle acupuncturist. She has always taken her time to talk with me and learn what I need. Anita has helped relieve me of neck and back pain and given me treatments for overall well being. It's been exciting to see Metis Clinics grow and add staff. Jacob is an excellent massage therapist as is Michelle who not only practices massage therapy but acupunture. I'm grateful for their healing touch and readily recommend Metis Clinics for those who need such help.

    Patty B., Acupuncture

  • I have been going to Metis Clinic for approx. 2 years. I have gone to 2 other acupuncture clinics and Anita by far is the best. She has helped me with several different issues. Sleeping, Digestion and Pain Management. All treatments have been very effective. After a facial surgery that results in a lot of post- op swelling I went for acupuncture every day for the first week. When I went to see my Dr. for the 1 week post- op visit, the surgeon and office staff were amazed how little swelling and how quickly I healed. They told me I was in the top 1% of their post- op patients and asked me what I did. I shared with them my acupuncture treatments. I know they are now recommending this to other patients. I believe that Anita is very professional, skilled and gifted in her profession. As a RN I have high expectations with my health providers and Anita exceeds and delivers every time.

    Carolyn P., Acupuncture

  • I have been a patient of Anita's at Metis Clinic for 2 years and she has given me back my life. I have struggled with depression ever since I moved to Oregon from California over 20 years ago. I have tried several psychiatrists with no help and have been on & off medication for 15 years which has helped to some degree. Anita's method of helping me has been wonderful. Along with the acupuncture she has given me "tools" to help me get rid of the depression. At first I was going to her every week, now I go in for a "tune up" every 2-3 months. It is so wonderful. About 1 to 2 days after a treatment I start feeling this wonderful feeling going through my whole body, but especially in my head. When I have a stressful day I am able to handle the stress within hours instead of it bring back any depression. The tools I mention are things we have created together and Anita continually encourages me to continue using them. Some of them are affirmations, reading scriptures, having a creative project (knitting, scrapbooking, etc.) and exercise. Thank you, Anita, for giving me back my life.

    Pat, Acupuncture

  • Anita, I have been meaning to email you the last few days... I'm pregnant!!! I found out a few weeks ago and will be 7 weeks tomorrow. Mike and I are super excited, but cautiously so. It is just so surreal... I want to thank you for all of your help. On top of all the acupuncture, you are such an amazing sounding board, resource and friend through the whole process. I cannot thank you enough. And don't worry... I will definitely send you updates!

    LS, Acupuncture

  • I had been trying to get pregnant without success for a year and a half, when I came to a choice between learning about my body, or face the low odds and high expense of invitro-fertilization. At age 41, I learned from a nutritionist that I needed to regulate my erratic menstrual cycle first. She put me on a couple herbal supplements, and referred me to Metis Clinics. With Anita’s guidance and acupuncture therapy, I was able to stabilize my cycle, chart it, and more accurately predict when I ovulate. Five months later, I was pregnant. I had my baby girl 18 days ago and couldn’t be happier.

    Heidi C., Acupuncture